Drako Swiftclaw (jmac32here) wrote,
Drako Swiftclaw

Drako's Art Contest - July 2016

Drako's Art Contest - July 2016

The latest winner is:
Loom! - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1232307/loom
by Napdragon - https://www.weasyl.com/~nommz

This month's Nomination Theme:

This month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline: August 1, 2016

Head on over to http://drako.funurl.com to Nominate Art and to vote now!


I do apologize for the lack of updates on Drako's Den these past couple of months. I am looking for more volunteer Web Admins for both Drako's Den and Drako's Website Services. You may contact me directly or chat with me from both sites using our Contact DWS Feature if you are interested in helping to make DD and DWS better services again.

I had been very busy with my pack and with work, and had not been on a computer much as of late. I do plan on getting back on track with our weekly and monthly updates on Drako's Den, but it would be much easier if we had more staff on hand willing to help out.

We do have an upcoming art contest theme of Chastity for the month of August, I personally will be giving out Kudo Points (and I'm even thinking of throwing out $10-20 USD) to any art drawn of my fursona in chastity that wins the contest.

A bit of a personal update from this babyfur kitten:
I have been dating a cute pup, which is why I have not been as active online, or on DD and DWS as of late. It's also why I have falling a bit out touch with the furry fandom. He too is a fur as well, and we have been starting up a small pack of sorts. That being said, I have given up all rights to a certain part of myself to this pack. It is cute though cuz we are all crinkle butts.
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