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Drako's Art Contest - December 2015

Drako's Art Contest - December 2015

This month's Nomination Theme:
This month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
January 1, 2016

Head on over to http://drako.funurl.com to Nominate Art and to Vote now.

Drako's Den and Art Contest Restart...

Drako's Den and Art Contest Restart...
After a very long downtime of Drako's Den..
The main site was completely lost due to a hiccup with our hosting company.
We were thankfully saved by our Mobile Site, so much of the site was still live and available to our users while we worked on a rebuild to the main site.
We are pleased to announce that Drako's Den is now back online...with a few changes:
First and foremost, DD is now a Safe Haven for furries of all walks of life.
Yep, Drako finally came out as a babyfur, and wants to ensure all users of DD feel as safe as they can while using DD.
That being said, we can now say that DD is founded by a babyfur, and wants furries to be able to openly embrace all aspects of the fandom.
This also means DD is very much babyfur friendly.
But we also don't want to alienate the other aspects of the furry fandom, so eveyone is welcome.
Also, the site has been recoded in HTML5.
It's got a nifty blue look to it, that we quite enjoy.
The galleries are the same, but the library is all new, and needs submissions.
At this point in time, we do not have the Easy Transfer Service, but we have not discounted that it can be implemented again at a later date.
Also, It's no longer the DD Art Contest.  Since Drako wanted his name and essence to be a part of this community, we have re-dubbed it as Drako's Art Contest...
That being said, all previous TNSC/DD Art Contest Winners and themes have been lost, and we are starting fresh...
So... heres the info:
This month's Nomination Theme:
This month's Voting Theme:
Nomination Deadline:
December 1, 2015
Voting Deadline:
We are still rebuilding parts of the site, but you can check it out at http://drako.funurl.com
Don't forget to nominate some art into Drako's Art Contest while there.
Also, we will rebuld a kid friendly Drako's Playground once we finish getting all the pages on DD back to standard...

Letting the kitten out...

Now that I have returned to Seattle, and have gotten myself into better shape.
It's about time I finally fully admit something most of you may already be aware about...
*prepares for the hailstorm*
I am a babyfur.
Yet, unlike some babyfurs that actually have younger frames, I retain the physical attributes of my actual age...
But I suffer from -- actually, i enjoy every second of a mental age regression that makes me have an outlook of life as if I were still 3.
So, you could say...
Drako the babyfur kitten...
Really 30, but acts like a very smart 3 year old...

To set things right...

To set things right...

Yes, I made it back home to Seattle.
And yes, I decided I wanted to try to get my second chance here...

I figured it was a much better environment for me, and for those I have cared about, especially Mixy.

So it breaks my heart to hear he is not doing well.
I just want him to be happy... That is all I EVER wanted.

But to read this:
I can't.. I can't stand me. My heart's hurt and it's difficult to fix without bleeding out.. It's a mess and it's been this way for so long.. Since it was shattered by another's neglect.

Simply breaks my heart.

Am I that other person, whom he claims neglected him??

I came back to Seattle, thinking that if I were to have a chance to make things right, I would need to prepare a place where he would be safe to "come home" to.

He broke up with me.  It was he who ended something I was trying so hard to save.

If he were to ask me, right now, or tomorrow even, to drop the Swiftclaw name and become Drako Tags again - I would do it in a hearbeat.
I feel much more comfortable as a Tags, not a Swiftclaw.

I just wish he could feel well enough, loved enough, to come home.  To find his happiness at least.
Because I NEVER stopped caring, and I NEVER stopped loving him.

But I do need to set the record straight, by starting off with a question:
Can one be neglectful of another if he does NOT know the other wants his attention?

Sure we did a lot of our own things, but I know I was always ready and willing to give him attention when he demanded it.
(Even with the times when I was working on things and couldn't, I wanted to.)

But towards the end, it was he who ended up either too busy chatting on his laptop or playing his games to even so much as give me a hug when I got home from work.

The last week before our move south, he was on his laptop the entire time we were at my moms, and I was being the social one.
I felt neglected myself, because I was trying to get his attention, but not getting it at all.

I started to feel like something was seriously wrong between us, with his lack of attentiveness to me... and I began trying so hard to make things right again...
That I eventually began starting fights over the lack of attention....
Which is what led to him breaking it off with me...

And all I EVER wanted to do, was to make things RIGHT again.  Make things as they were more towards the beginning of our relationship.

I want to be there for him.
I want our friendship to grow.
I want him to be happy.

I wish there was more I could do now to do that, but other people got in the way, and led me to moving back home.

So my heart aches, because the one I love thinks I neglected him...When we really may have ended up neglecting each other - without even realizing it.
Becoming complacent with the idea that things between us would never change... and then things did change.

*curls up in a corner and cries*

Starting over...

Starting over...

Well, many of you have been wondering what has become of me since I started my
road trip.
I have made it back home to Seattle, and have already started a decent job.
(Yay for $15/hour minimum wage)

I did finally get myself into a position where I can focus on operational
stuff, and not having to deal so much with customer service, which is a plus for
me since I have felt the desire to do something like that.

I have been hurt by the mistakes, and the situations of my past.
But I hold no grudges, and I have no qualms.
For me, this is a fresh start, and I have learned much from my experiences.
For that, I am grateful and honored to have had them.

Yes, it is true that I have taken a last name from a past life that came to my recent memory.
It is in honor of this new begining.

I still care tons about Mixy, but his life will be in his own hands.
There really is not much more I can do for him to help him any, except to be there for him if he needs me.
I understand the truth behind what happened, and how we both ended up hurting each other in the end.
We took each other for granted, but it was the simple pleasure of knowing we were there that was really enough for us.
I can only hope that he begins to learn the truth, and to do something to make his own life better for him.

I am here for him if he wishes, and I will support any decisions he makes for himself.

While I never wanted to give up on him, it appears we have fallen apart, at least at the time being...

Sadly, this means I am lonely, and wishing someone could just love me, and be there for me.
I wish I had someone to cuddle, and to be close with...

But at the same time, after being burned twice, I must admit I am hesitant to commit.
I am scared of being hurt like this again.
I gave them my heart... and they crushed it.
I don't want to hurt like that again.

I never wanted to hurt him, and would never want to repeat my own mistakes.
I fear doing something like that again...

But I want someone in my life at the same time...
I am lonely and want to be loved...

The New Drako's Den

The New Drako's Den

Many of you who have been to TNSC lately may have noticed the following message:
"The TNSC Community is now Drako's Den

Please update all your bookmarks for our new Domain:

We are pleased to announced that we have created the New Drako's Den Community website.
(We do apologize for being over a month late in making this announcement)

A few changes of note for the new Drako's Den.
1-Users can still submit their art, images, and videos.
2-Drako's Den has an all new look and layout.
3-We have merged all the content from TNSC to Drako's Den.
4-We have moved the TNSC Forums to Drako's Den.
5-We have integrated the chat rooms to just the main room.
6-Drako's Den is an Adult Only website.  (We will be working on a mini-site for users under 18)

For this month, we are extending the Art Contest and therefore there is no news regarding the Art Contest.

We invite all users, both new and old, to check out the new Drako's Den at:

A request...

A request...
The world is full of mistakes, it is how we as humans learn, grow, and become better people.
Therefore, I firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance.
I myself am no exception to these things...
I have made some serious mistakes in my past, but its by learning from them that I can make the future better.
Not only for myself, but others I had affected with my mistakes.
I'm fairly sure that anyone, once realizing they made a mistake - would want things to change for the better, and to make things right.
Many wish they could go back in time and prevent the mistake - I myself fit in this on many things.
Like the mistakes that led me to where I am today, including some recent mistakes with someone I love and care for.
Which includes becoming a bit clingy with that person.
Sure I want to make things right, and I do want to be a better person.
I know I cannot undo what has been done, but I can learn from it, and change things for the future.
Also, it would be wrong to ask (or demand) for a second chance.
For the answer may or may not be an honest one, all depending on how the others feel at the time of the question being asked.
All one can ask for is that others will consider giving them a second chance.
Knowing this, I am asking that my friends (and that certain someone) will at least consider giving me a second chance.


My name is Tiernan Swiftclaw
At around 6:30 tonight, we found what was left of Drako Tags.
It appears the Corvamah has taken its toll.
For those of you who do not understand the Corvamah:
It is a condition common with the Druid race, and is present in many other races and culters, associated with a broken heart.
With that in regard, it appears I have been left in charge of his accounts, and Drako's Website Services.
In his memory, we have decided to close The TNSC Community - and begin the process of merging TNSC into an All New Drako's Den Community site.
We are still rolling out the changes being made to DWS, and I will be posting a poem I found written on his bedside table.
Within a few days, we will begin announcing the TNSC/DD Art Contest Information.
The New Drako's Den will have an all new look, based on HTML5.
By the way, if you got to this point of this journal without completely over-reacting....
Happy April Fools Day
Drako Tags



I was helping a local friend shop recently, and she helped me come to a major realization.

A couple years ago, I was doing a lot of stupid stuff based on fear...

I pushed someone out of our home because I was afriad of him... and myself.

Then I filled the house with people who just used me, out of fear of being alone.

Due to who still has my heart...
Whom I still love and respect...
I am alone.

Out of that respect for him.

I realize I never stopped caring, never stopped loving.
And now...
I'm not afriad.

I will continue to support him..
To be there for him...
No matter what.

I do miss him.
Why date those with their heart on their sleeve...

I found this online, and it rings so true.

(Was originally written about girls, but I edited it because there are guys like this too)

By Joe Valentine:

We’ve all met one. To some (s)he’s the “emotional train wreck.” Others call him/her the life of the party. (S)he’s the girl or guy whose opinions are never hidden, whose emotions are laid bare. (S)he’s unpredictable. The girl or guy with no filter. A sensitive soul who could jump for joy today yet explode like a volcano tomorrow. (S)he’s fiercely loyal to everyone (s)he loves but will hold the mother of all grudges if you lose his/her trust. His/Her eyes have dampened far too many floors, both with tears of joy and tears of sorrow. On the surface, (s)he might seem like a hassle that most can do without. Most will think they don’t want the drama that surrounds this diva. (S)he’s the distraction a successful person doesn’t need. Yet the girl or guy who wears his/her heart on his/her sleeve is still great dating material…

It’s the dedicated, hard-working males or females. The men or women who are most identified with their inner masculine. Those who seem almost obsessed with making gains, meeting goals, and getting ahead. These are the men or women who will melt at this person's feet. It’s his/her flowery feminine energy that attracts these alphas. This divine femininity which flows through him/her. It fuels his/her passion, his/her emotion, his/her ability to live and breathe each moment of his/her existence. It’s why (s)he can spend hours dancing, shopping, or speaking on the phone. It’s why (s)he feels the emotion in every kiss, every scream, every scene in his/her favorite film. The alpha lacks this energy. (S)He sacrifices it for more masculine traits but remains naturally attracted to it. And that’s why (s)he’ll always fall for the girl or guy with his/her heart on his/her sleeve. (S)He’ll revel in his/her feminine energy. (S)He’ll feel complete. At the same time, (s)he’ll love the stability and safety this strong alpha contributes to his/her crazy lifestyle. The sexual chemistry will spark as fast as a red-hot electrical circuit, but can dwindle just as easily without extra sparks sometimes.

Of course, that doesn’t make their relationship plain sailing. An alpha won’t understand why this (wo)man can be so angry. Why does (s)he get so upset and stressed in seemingly trivial situations? Why does (s)he pull him up on every little slip? It’s often not anyones fault. It’s his/her nature to embrace the emotion of the moment. The same feminine energy that drives him or her wild with desire will bewilder him or her in day-to-day life.

Don’t be frustrated by this. Embrace it. This fiery person is the ocean. His/Her emotions are controlled by so many components. (S)he’s complicated, confusing, chaotic. You can’t get to the bottom of it using logic. Instead, feel him/her like a surfer feels the waves. If you make a mistake, course-correct in the present moment. Don’t use examples from the past or promises for the future. Show him/her you’re sorry now.

Just like the ocean, this (wo)man will always be unpredictable. You will never fully understand him/her. But what a naturally beautiful gift (s)he will be for those who learn to handle him/her.

– beautifullyhuman