Drako Swiftclaw (jmac32here) wrote,
Drako Swiftclaw

Drako's Art Contest - September 2016

Drako's Art Contest - September 2016

The latest winner is:
Dang it Daar! - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1237468/dang-it-daar
by Grimmhelm - https://www.weasyl.com/~grimmhelm

This month's Nomination Theme:

This month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
October 1, 2016

You can go Nominate art and Vote now at http://drako.funurl.com

As an added bonus, due to me making an agreement to being in long term chastity myself, this is now reflected with my own fursona.
That being said, any artists who would like to abuse my fursona may now do so while he is locked up in chastity.
If it's sent my way or I see it, it will automatcially be Nominated into Drako's Art Contest.
Also, I have put $10 aside on my Paypal and will be keeping it reserved for when the Chastity theme goes to the polls.
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