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Drako Swiftclaw

To clear something up...

To clear something up...

It has come to my attention that I am not the only one who has come across this problem. One of my close friends on FB recently had a post about this...

So I wanted to clear this up for those who don't get it.

I am a nudist.

So, if anyone were to approach me and start a scene with me in an RP, it may come up that I'm sitting around in just my underwear. This is especially true if someone were to pounce, hug, or cuddle me in an RP on any form of private messaging.

What this means:
I am more comfortable the less clothing I have to wear.
I am wearing underwear to be comfortable, and in most cases, still have some level of decency.

What this does NOT mean:
I am seeking or wanting sex all the time.

Mind you, I am a gay male, and can be a bit of a perv... and I admit this.
Therefore, if someone wanted to play with me in that regard in RP's, I typically won't say no.

However, I tend to be pretty shy when it comes to actual yiff, so most the time, I won't make the first move unless I'm sure its ok to do so. Therefore, such actions would be led on by those who talk to me.

The issue is that either:

A: People see us nudists like this and instantly try to have sex with us, even if we're not in the mood.
(This has happened to me several times, and they ended up getting a tongue lashing.)


B: Someone sees this and gets super offended without realizing that nudity and sex does not have to come hand in hand. Then they go around smearing the name of someone who, while being the most comfortable naked, is otherwise fairly normal...

This is something I cannot understand when dealing with people who claim to have a "sex positive" viewpoint.
You cannot be sex positive and be so ashamed of the nature of our bodies and the nature of ourselves.
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